Biodegradable Food Packaging

Redefining Green with You with biodegradable, eco-friendly food packaging solutions…

The accumulation of plastic waste has become a global problem, as excessive amounts are being disposed into landfills and oceans. Conventional plastics are non-biodegradable, and may require centuries to decompose before they can be absorbed back into the environment, making plastic waste a problematic pollutant.

However, our society has become heavily dependent on plastic, especially in the food packaging industry. The reason why plastic has become so dominant is that no other material has the right mixture of being cheap, lightweight, and durable. Before more cost-efficient and sustainable substitutes are developed for practical usage, the reality is that we are likely to remain reliant on plastics for now.

Wison Packaging is committed to providing biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions to today’s packaging needs. we have managed to produce plastic that is truly biodegradable. Presenting our Biodegradable Plastic, Eco-Friendly Disposable Food Packaging Series.

Wison products our new, revolutionary line of sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly disposable food packaging products. All Wison products items are made of polypropylene that is carefully blended with a special biodegradable additive. This enables the plastic to be broken down by microbes at a much faster rate compared to conventional plastics.

Wison Packaging plastic has true biodegradability. It breaks down into water, methane, biomass, and carbon dioxide – organic substances that will be absorbed back into the natural environment, while leaving behind no plastic waste at all. This makes it more eco-friendly than plastics that are merely oxo-degradable, which only mimic true biodegradation by crumbling into increasingly smaller pieces of microplastics, thus still remaining as inorganic pollutants.

The biodegradable additive used in Wison does not render the polypropylene material inferior in any way in terms of usage in food packaging. This means that Wison products are of the same high standards that Seow Khim Polythelene is known for through the years. Wison remains totally food-safe and microwaveable, and it also does not require any special storage conditions as biodegradation only begins in suitable environments such as landfills.

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