Sustainable Packaging

Wison Packaging to creating a greener future through developments in sustainable packaging solutions.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Flexible packaging is unique in the way that it’s sustainable characteristics come from producing less waste in the first place. By choosing flexible packaging over more traditional packaging formats such as glass, rigid plastic, metal and cardboard, you are already taking steps towards reducing landfill waste, greenhouse gasses and excess energy consumption. Taking the concept of sustainable packaging a step further, Wison Packaging have developed a range of materials which can be used as an alternative to standard mixed plastic laminates. This means we can offer the market environmentally friendly packaging that is suitable for composting and recycling

Green Packaging

At Wison, we actively listen and respond to our customer’s needs. This is why we have been working hard behind the scenes to create “ Green Packaging” our second generation of flexible packaging that meets the environmental concerns of our customers.

We are committed to striving towards creating a more sustainable future through improvements in packaging. Green Packaging is a range of sustainable packaging solutions that can be used in conjunction with our current packaging offer. It’s primary focus is around sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions to cater for all. We currently have three sustainable packaging options to choose from;

  • Recyclable
  • Paper
  • Compostable

Recyclable Features

>> Recyclable plastic PE laminate

>> Recycled under the resin ID code 4 LDPE and considered widely recyclable by OPRL

>> Digital, Gravure and Flexo printed or unprinted pouch, bag, sachet and film format

>> Full coverage matt, gloss or spot matt varnish available

Our recyclable packaging is suitable for the following applications; dried foods, seeds, cereals, frozen produce, coffee, tea, pet food etc

Paper Features

>> Ethically sourced fluorocarbon-free white paper

>> Water, water vapor and grease resistant

>> recyclable, re-pulpable and degradable

>> Digital, Flexo and Offset printed or unprinted pouch, sachet and bag format

Our paper-based packaging is suitable for the following applications; dried foods, seeds, cereals, coffee, tea, pet treats etc.

Compostable Features

>> Made from a combination of bio-based and synthetic polymers

>> Materials and closures are certified to the EN13432 compostability standard

>> Gravure printed or unprinted pouch, bag, sachet and film formats

>> Certified compostable degassing valve for coffee applications

Our compostable packaging is suitable for dried foods, seeds, cereals, coffee, tea, pet food, powders, sports nutrition, confectionery etc.

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