One-way degassing valves were designed to release pressure from within the bag while preventing air from getting in. This game-changing innovation allows for enhanced product freshness, and it’s particularly useful in coffee applications.

Degassing Valve Coffee Bags

Freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide, which can lead to increased pressure within an air-tight pouch. If the gas isn’t released, the bag may even burst. However, storing coffee without an air-tight seal quickly ruins the beans’ freshness. Enter the coffee packaging valve.

Coffee bags with valves offer the best of both worlds. The one-way degassing valves force air without letting air in. Never worry about your coffee bags bursting while keeping your coffee products fresh and tightly sealed inside the pouch.

Flexible packaging bags—stand up pouches, side gusseted bags, and flat pouches—with one-way degassing valves are specifically made for packaging coffee. While they can be used for other food products (such as nuts, teas, grains, and confectioneries), the most common application is for freshly roasted coffee. Valves allow you to package coffee beans immediately after roasting, keeping the beans fresh and extending their shelf life.

Do away with tin cans and carton and shift over to flexible coffee bags with valves! With the invention of one-way degassing valve technology, coffee packaging has changed for the better.

Degassing Valve Application Services

At Wison, we can help you maximize the shelf life and stability of your food products with thoughtful packaging. If you need custom valve placement on your bags or pouches, we’re happy to help. We offer full customization, so you can add a degassing valve to almost any packaging product we offer—just speak with a representative. Take advantage of the flexibility of these bags and pouches and the many benefits, including lower freight costs and fewer storage space needs for your business.

Contact Wison Packaging today to learn more about our degassing valve application services or to ask about additional customization options.

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