Find simple answers to the questions we are asked most often

General Information

  • What is your MOQ?

    MOQ’s or minimum order quantities will vary depending on your project requirements.Please note that MOQs are applicable per size and design. You can find exact MOQs on our product pages.

  • What are your lead times?

    Digital Print

    We aim to produce all digitally printed orders in 4-5 weeks from final artwork approval.

    Gravure / flexo Print

    Our flexo and gravure orders can range from 6-12 weeks lead time.

    *note that lead times may vary depending on demand, order requirements and time of year.

  • Do you sell stock items?

    We hold stocks. You can find from our stock products

    What are your payment terms? Typically all first orders are pro-forma. Credit terms can be requested for subsequent orders but are not guarenteed.

  • Is your packaging food grade?

    wisonpackage have held a BRCGS grade AA accreditation for many years. Supply partners are audited by our quality team annually and are required to hold a BRCGS certification as standard.All packaging that is intended for direct food contact is fully compliant with food safety regulations.

  • Can you pack my product for me?

    We do not offer a packing service but are happy to recommend co-packers that we work with for many different product types.

  • Can you produce samples / prototype packaging?

    We offer a prototyping service where you can receive up to 10 physical printed samples to use for presentations, exhibitions, shelf life testing, product sizing etc.

Print & Design

  • What print options do you offer?

    We offer Digital, Rotogravure, HD Flexo print options.

  • Do you offer in-house design service?

    We offer design services but can recommend designers that we work with regularly.


  • Do you produce sustainable packaging?

    our flexible packaging designed with sustainability in mind. This range includes options such as compostable, recyclable and plastic-free flexible packaging.

  • Is flexible packaging recyclable?

    Conventional flexible packaging laminates are not considered widely recyclable. Our recycle ready LDPE options and plastic-free paper options are both considered widely recyclable in Ireland, UK and Europe.

  • Can I put your recyclable packaging in my home bin?

    Other customers can dispose of LDPE recyclable packaging at collection points in larger stores.

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