Coffee Bag

By integrating a degassing valve to our standard packaging your coffee can be packed straight from roast.

Keep your beans as fresh as the day they were packed with our innovative venting coffee pouch

Our printed coffee pouches come as standard with a one-way degassing valve which allows the carbon dioxide released from roasted beans to escape without compromising the integrity of the coffee inside. This sleek and minimal feature can be placed on the front or back of the pouch without taking away from your brand designs. High barrier laminates offer the best protection against moisture, oxygen and light helping to extend the shelf life of the product. By Incorporating a zipper, the coffee packaging can be resealed for later use to preserve freshness.



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    Resealable Zippers and Easy Open Tear Notches

    Choose from a standard press to close or easy use velcro zipper to maintain your products freshness. Pair any zipper with our easy open tear notch for a clean, straight tear every time.

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    One Way Degassing Valve

    By including our one-way degassing valve in your coffee packaging, your freshly roasted coffee can be packed immediately allowing it to degas within the bag while keeping oxygen out.

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    Food Grade Materials

    All of our coffee pouches are manufactured using this highest quality materials in our BRC accredited production facility.

Common Applications

  • Dry food / powders
  • Soups, sauces and spices
  • Snack foods
  • Confectionery
  • Pet food / treats
  • Coffee / tea
  • Frozen food
  • Sports nutrition
  • Home care
  • Horticulture
  • Liquids
  • Baby food